Ache Through My Bones

by Donor



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released August 29, 2013

Recorded in Orlando in the summer of 2013 with Christian Padron at Fish Taco Studios



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Donor Orlando, Florida

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Track Name: Bitt Will Fit
I didn't want you to know
You said a lot, but you speak so slow
Never really ever got the right words to flow
Too busy staring straight down at your phone
I don't know how to let go
So I tried to find peace in the leaves like Thoreau
But when I came back from the woods I had
nothing to show
Thought I let it down buried below
Call me Like you needed to Like you want me to
Call me
(World moves slow Feet up on the dash
watching lines in the road Looks like I can't
come home Rather throw myself out of the
I didn't want you to know
That every single day I feel you ache through
my bones And now you haunt me like a
ghost no matter where I go
Thought I let it down buried below
Track Name: Everything Feels Illegal
Saw your face inside a shore line So sick of seeing it all the time When I know that You're not mine
Float away into a jade sea So you'll be stuck chasing after me My hands are shaking Like palm trees
Flew away with the long tails To the side of a mountain top It's sad, but they're all I got
Let me erode away Let the water swell and wrap me under its waves And if I float away
Forget about me, forget about everything Told you, "I'm sorry"
A thousand miles away On some dirt in the ocean That's where you'll find me Getting acclimated with all of the local kids
Don't ever want to leave Cause I'll come back to nothing Please spare me, because…
You are a home A place I'll never rest my head or get to go It's all I know
You are the stars Looking down, while I look up and you're filled with pity Cause we'll never be that pretty
You were my friend And even though you don't say anything I've always been listening
You are the waves A tide I'll never get to change So swallow me And spit me out somewhere that's better
Track Name: Pool Dad
Names I can't remember
Crowded places in the Fall
When everyone's in love and I'm just there
Walking quiet through December
Why did it have to be so cold?
I know we're young these bones feel so old
Left a home, but it won't leave me
Described a face that I couldn't see
When I walked away
I heard what you said
I didn't ask if you were cold
I didn't offer you my warmth
I didn't want to
I didn't have to
I know that you're tired
You always sing the same song
An old song
A night that lingers on and really should have disappeared
All the little things that keep us up at night
We won't fight, we'll just lay
We'll just lay and let it sink
All the little things that run inside my head
I still miss you like you're dead
I didn't ask if you were cold
I didn't offer you my warmth
I didn't want to
Maybe I should have
Guess I'd rather be alone